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What We Do

Public Affairs and Advocacy 

Molecule builds campaigns that create a national interest on issues that help drive your innovation business. We bring our best strategic ideas and then build a comprehensive strategy to meet your objectives, whether to change public policies, or build sustainable industries of the future. 

We are subject matter experts who know how to make an impact on new bio economy industries for sustainable road and aviation transportation fuels; chemicals; biotechnology; biofuels; wireless; agriculture; and technology.

Public Affairs

Government Relations

Society and its needs are constantly changing, and government policies often struggles to keep pace with new technologies. Every day new ideas are introduced that have the potential to disrupt entire industries, yet, to do so, they need a level playing field from government policy.  Many innovations focus on delivering bio-based alternatives to traditional industries like renewable jet fuel to lower the carbon intensity of aviation, or renewable chemical feedstocks that replace petroleum.  However, government regulation, technical standards and policies established long ago to incentivize legacy industries discriminate against new sustainable technologies even though they could make for better business and certainly, a better world.  Legacy industries use government to prohibit new competition.  We bring deep experience, relationships and understanding to help client’s level the playing field and modernize policy to leverage your innovation and turn ideas into action and then results.

Government Relations
Business Development

Business Development

Partnering with government to build new technologies is a great driver of the US innovation economy.  Witness how government has historically invested in technology essential to national interest, energy, health, defense, basic science.  Government is an early adopter of technology, from renewable jet fuel and diesel to new battery technologies, and from AI to mixed reality to investments in global health and protection against antibiotic resistant microorganisms. We help young technology companies navigate and strategically engage government leaders to fund innovation.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Our communications campaigns for science and technology-focused companies translate your goals into a compelling narrative. We add the depth of data and science to your story, giving a solid foundation which is a must for a successful public affairs and advocacy program 


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